At Wheeler Expeditions, we generally offer 6 to 8 expeditions each year, sometimes more. There is a variety of overland, airborne, water, and specialty trips. We look for a broad and interesting experience that gives you a real taste of the culture, history, art, society, nature, and language in the area we visit.

Yes! We are very interested in your ideas, and opinions. That’s why we offer you a chance at least once a year to give us feedback via survey. We are always open to your thoughts and suggestions.

We find that 8 to 14 people is the size that is ideal to have an ideal experience.

Yes – absolutely. It depends on the expedition, yet typically it is a nice mix of both.

When a single supplement is charged by the local ground operators, there may be one and it will be noted in the Expedition Details. If a single is willing to share a room with another person of the same sex, they can let us know and we will try to find a roommate for consideration.

We have our sources find the best options for quality accommodation in each location. We prefer properties that are a bit unique, interesting, and beautiful with quality amenities. In some cases, we spend a night or two in a yurt, camping, or sleeping on a ship. Of course, you know this before you register for an expedition.

We pride ourselves in the quality of the meals provided on our expeditions.  As much as possible, we seek restaurants that can provide us with good variety and a number of excellent meal choices. We aim for the most delicious sampling of the local cuisine, beautifully prepared and served in an atmosphere with charm.

The specifics that are included and excluded are stated clearly in the Expedition Details of every trip. We like to make expeditions as “all-inclusive” as possible and at a quality level. This is how it generally works.

Included: lodging, normally 3 meals per day with the group, transportation within the country, airport transfers, English-speaking and knowledgeable guides, tickets and admissions to activities with the group. (There may be some optional activities available during free time, that are not included — such as golf or scuba and that some participants opt to this on their own.)

Excluded: International airfare to starting country and then home. Most entry visas. Optional personal expenditures such as shopping, alcoholic beverages, and tipping are up to the client.

Trips vary quite a lot. We have some that anyone in normal good health can definitely do. There are others that are much more energetic. Some require specific skills or abilities and these are always stated emphatically in the info about an expedition. We recommend that anyone with questions, contact us and we can advise you about the specific expedition.

We do advise on visas, although due to practical considerations, normally clients take care of this online, submitting their passport and application at an Embassy in their home country, or in the airport on arrival.

Yes, we are advised by local experts and also follow the U.S. and Canada government advisories online. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) is another resource we use and recommend. Each country also publishes their requirements, if any, for those entering as visitors.

Yes, it is advisable to have medical insurance on an expedition. Some countries and ground operators even require it. Like most insurance it is most often not needed. Trip cancellation policy protects participants in the event of a medical issue immediately prior to a trip departure.

Yes, absolutely. You receive a multi-page, detailed list of preparation and packing information on specifically what you might need and/or want to have with you. This goes beyond clothing and covers other essential items for traveling, charging your electronics, etc.

Yes!  We are always happy to talk with you and discuss any questions you may have. Simply email our client care team at adventure@wheelerwindsorexpeditions.com and give us your email and phone number with the best time. We can send a link to the calendar, confirm by email, and call you at the appointed time.

We look forward to seeing you on an expedition!

Jack Wheeler and Team

Reach out to us anytime at explore@wheelerwindsorexpeditions.com.

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